UE5 Project wont cook/package getting LinkerLoad error

After switching into UE5 from UE4, havent managed to cook/package my project. Had no issues in UE4.26 and olders versions. Game running without errors in editor. Getting this message while cooking. What could cause that kind of error. Problematic that it dosent show what asset it is cooking when the error happen. Is there some cooking debug methods to use? Been trying to clean blueprints. With UE5 moved from PhysX vehicles into Chaos vehicles. Old blueprints should be deleted and blueprints validate good.

LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: TargetFunction [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Editor\BlueprintGraph\Private\K2Node_CallArrayFunction.cpp] [Line: 200]

LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: TargetArrayPin [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Editor\BlueprintGraph\Private\K2Node_CallArrayFunction.cpp] [Line: 21]

Full error
LinkerLoad error in UE5 - Pastebin.com

EDIT: This error appear in output log already when loading project if there is any actors (blueprint) on level that is connected (in same reference tree) to player (whole game content).

This error seem to appear in output log also when loading the project in editor.

Found out that BP functions with strange inputs like “world context” cause similar error (had copied linetrace function from bp function library; removed all bp libraries now). Seem to have some function somewhere with bad input types. UE5 wont currently give error when compiling functions like that, but throws the error stack. Still searching.

Found what was causing the stack error. Old removed function from plugin.