[UE5] Preview Crashes

I have been having lots of trouble with UE5 Preview release.
It hangs after closing tabs. It takes 10 seconds to think before oppening a new skeletal mesh tab or material editor.
But most important of all, it crashes when using DX12
If I enable rhi DirectX 12 it gives that D3D device removed error. This only happens on some maps withing the same level. Seems very random.

Is anyone else having this issue and know how to solve it?

I’m getting similar crashes on UE5 Preview 2 when using DX12 and lit mode. This happens every time I add a metahuman to the default scene (ray tracing enabled) and move the camera back and forth for a few seconds. No crashes happen if I use path tracing.

Thank you! I am not alone in this!
I recently noticed in my 3090 system that it only crashes if I move the camera.
This is being very frustrating because light changes with DX12 and translucent objects are broken without it, meaning I can’t really complete the project because I will have to change so much when this finaly isnt broken.

Same here. I haven’t been able to work with Metahumans since Preview 1. The D3D device removed error happens within minutes or so of opening a map.

Having the exact same issue that all of you have described. When in lit mode it crashes when I have a metahuman in the scene, but only if i move the camera a bunch. I tried in unlit mode and even path tracing and those don’t crash. Also using a 3090. I tried multiple nvidia drivers and nothing has fixed it.

I would also like to add that these crashes persist in the oficial 5.0 release.
Less prevalent and more random but still much the same.