UE5 - Preventing parts of a skeleton mesh from casting shadows?

Hi, I’m creating a masked hair card material, but UE5 lights and masked hairs (thin hairs for a beard) produce terrible shadows… it’s more dynamic noise than shadows.


How can I disable an specific skeletal bodypart from casting shadows (hair cards)?

After many tests, I just want to avoid the issue… and get rid of the shadows, but I can’t, as all the face hair cards are part of the skeletal mesh, so I can’t just select the haircards and uncheck cast shadows, another option is to try to make it work through the hair material, but I havent seen an example of a masked material being able to do it, only Opaque materials by adding that to the normals (not working with masked):


Tried translucent, but they have an ugly ghosting effect with the new Anti-Aliasing method in UE5 (Temporal Super-Resolution TSR), causing them to look blury at the edges and you loose al the details (also tried other methods), so for now I’ll stay with masked for PC (Consoles can not render masked materials… only translucent), but at least it will look Ok for PC, I just need to remove those ugly shadows for the haircards.

Please help!