UE5, Post Processing Volume or details on Camera Actor aren't working

Hi all,

I have a Resident Evil inspired camera angle that I want to put a post processing effect over.
I have tried to add a PPV into the world (set ‘infitite extent’ to “true”.), I also tried applying the effects from the Camera Actor ‘details’ panel as well.
Exposure and things to do with brightness still seem to be effected though.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

I have this exact problem. Try adjusting the PP on the player camera.

I don’t have a Camera attached to my DefaultPlayer, as when I stand in a box it triggers and sends the viewport to selected Camera in scene.
See @anonymous_user_cd0b5d80 screenshot. I am in the details tab of the CameraActor, the PP does not work through this menu.

Well, I mean the camera you want to have the PP effect on.

What effect are you trying to get?

In the screenshots.

You can see I have selected the “Dirt Mask” and “Chromatic Aberration” functions.
That details box is for the CameraActor. You can see the values are on & set to “true”, while the preview of the camera to the left is not showing the desired effects.

I also find that it doesn’t work until during play. Do you get that?

Even during play it doesn’t work.

Ah, sorry to hear that.

There is definitely a major problem with PP and UE5 at the moment. It has been reported as a bug.

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No worries, thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

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