UE5: Point Cloud: Artifacts in Viewport Editor

When using Point Cloud Data LAS I am getting a strange artifact in the main Editor of UE5.

It’s like a streak, a line that pops up when rotating or moving the camera view.

I was testing different point cloud data assets, and it’s happening on all of them.

  • Anything to get rid of that?
  • Any idea what’s causing it?
  • Any workaround?
  • Just a UE5 bug?

Thanks for any thoughts, appreciate it!
Bernhard :upside_down_face:

Hey, just saw it.

I have the same issue, but it is fixed if you DO NOT rotate it in unreal. So try to rotate the pointcloud in a seperate program like CloudCompare before importing in unreal, it only happens when rotating.

Why? No idea.

I have no idea in this issue. but I Guess it’s a kind of “LOD” problem.
Have ever test the other file( not .las try about .e57 or .pst) Good luck