UE5 - path tracing support

I have been reading posts and docs for a couple days and cannot understand/figure out what is happening. Also being new to UE in general makes it a bit tough. Any tips?

All file following instructions on ensuring lumen/raytracing is turned on in the project(s).

PC#1 - Dual Titan V’s 4.27 shows path tracing in the viewport view mode drop down and works as expected but UE5ea2 does not show path tracing as an option with the same or new from scratch file. While no RTX cores still works under 4.27.

PC#2 - Single 3090, 4.27 path tracing available and works as expected. UE5ea2 path tracing available to select but does nothing. Just black screen with same file or new from scratch file.

PC#3 - Dual 2080 Path tracing works as expected in 4.27 and 5ea2

PT in 4.27 is newer release than in UE5 EA. UE5 EA is much older release than 4.27, and it’s EARLY ACCESS on top of that.

I’d expect the 4.27 version, or even better version of PT to be merged into final UE5, but right now, all we have is UE5 EA version which was compiled most likely way before PT for 4.27 was finalized.

Good point, I was wondering about this. Thanks