UE5 - Nanite Mech

I finally decided to learn UE4/5 with the early access of UE5. So far incredibly impressed. I took one of my old models and brought it into the engine as a playable nanite asset. High poly is 3.5 million triangles.


So far absolutely loving UE5, the workflows, and the mind set behind it. I’ve jumped over from UE3 skipped UE4, and now using UE5, so its very refreshing to see how much has changed since the UE3 days.

I may or may not release this as a playable demo. I’d like to setup some basic AI that you can shoot at first, and a proper level that isn’t a test scene.


In that case you have been missing out for the last 6 or so years, ue5 is just ue4 with a few new features and a texture pack.

Hehe I suppose. Although I remember trying out the original rocket beta. At the time it was a bit rough, but its certainly come a long way since then.

Don’t listen to that other poster, you can do crazy stuff with robots in UE5 that was never possible in UE4 because of Nanite. As long as it doesn’t deform, you’re good. Each piece can be beyond cinematic quality if you so desire. What a foolish statement on bro’s part.

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Hehe yeah honestly I’ve been thinking about how useful nanite can be for hardsurface gameplay objects. Vehicles, weapons, just imagine an FPS weapon with cinema quality models… Seems like its a perfect use case for nanite.

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No not really. The features are really useful, yeah, but they come with some hefty limitations too.

Nanite just doesnt work on skeletal meshes, and is still bound to VRAM, so LODs are unavoidable. Atleast its easier on your VRAM and storage in the first place than LODs. You still could do the robot on UE4 just fine.

Lumen just doesnt work on transparency, period. Recieving and casting reflections/GI. Other than that, its a miracle.