UE5 Material Editor all white display

Hey everyone, Today I started getting this error whenever I opened any materials in my editor. Restarting, completely unplugging my pc, and updating drivers didn’t solve this issue. Its like this for ever material. As far as I know everything else is working just fine in the editor. Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix it?

Additionally everything is still in place inside the editor, for example I can still hover over where it says “material editor” in the top left and it will highlight it.

Also posted here since the UE5 link isn’t working. probally isn’t the best material to preview for this, but that is correct as its a unique baked material. The error is just the pure white material editor.

Info dump:

Engine Version: 5.0.0

Graphics Drivers: Nvidia studio driver 471.68 (latest as of today)

So I don’t know if this is a “answer” but if you reinstall the entire engine it fixes it.

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