UE5 Major Bug - Nanite and Planar Reflections on Translucent Materials

I am fairly new to Unreal Engine, and I came across a nasty bug with nanite that I have not seen mentioned on the forums yet.

Here’s the issue:
I have a plane with a basic water shader - just translucent with metallic set to 1 and roughness set to 0 (it has normal displacement for ripples and opacity set as a parameter, but the problem persists when I turn those off).
I place a planar reflection on the plane, which dramatically improves the reflection quality/accuracy.
I place a nanite mesh UNDERNEATH the water plane. (e.g. rocks on a river bed)
A reflection of said nanite mesh appears ON TOP of the water plane. (as if the mesh were floating above the water)

I have troubleshot this problem for 2 days straight to no avail. It seems that nanite meshes are not compatible with planar reflections on translucent materials if the meshes intersect or are below the translucent plane. In other words, you can’t put nanite meshes inside of water! That’s a pretty major limitation!

Anyone have some insight into this problem?