UE5 Lumen GI Scale Bug?

I am working on a kitchen scene for cinematic use.
I am trying to use the full capacity of Lumen but I am having a hard time troubleshooting this error with Lighting
Several Meshes have no Lumen Scene representation thus not contributing to GI when off screen. This is also creating a lot of flickering in reflection on the final render.

“Lumen Scene1” is a cube with a red material and a light reflecting light on it. As you can see it is black on the Lumen Scene and when it is off screen there is no red bounce Lighting.

“Lumen Scene 2” is the same cube with a bigger scale. It is working properly as you can see there is bounce lighting when off screen.

There are several meshes in my scene with similar sizes. Some are contributing to GI and some aren’t. I can’t go scaling everything up.

What is causing this lack of Lumen Scene representation and What might I do to fix it?

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