UE5 lighting artifact when peaking/moving around walls/objects

Are you using LUMEN in this scene?
I had a similar issue early on with flat surfaces that had no textures.
In fact see the striation on the wall to the right (the horizontal bands) in the screenshot I took of your video.
I am sure I had a similar problem until I added some textures.
As you are using UE5, just grab some Quixel Bridge surfaces and throw them on your geometry to see if it helps - nice and easy since it is integrated into the editor.

Thank you for your reply. It is LUMEN I’m using.
The walls are in fact textured, they have a plaster wall texture with both a roughness and a normal map. Those horizontal lines are simply caused by stretched UVs since the walls are just temporary place holders. I tried changing the textures to something with more color information and the issue still persisted.
My hunch is on a setting that’s turned down by default. I had some issues with shadows that I fixed through the console command because the settings by default were set to a lower value than I desired.