UE5 Landscape displacement

there are any way to apply displacement to the landscape from a texture? i didn’t found any way to activate it

From what I have seen and read, displacement and tessellation are deprecated or removed from UE5; but I could be wrong. The idea is that the introduction of Nanite makes those obsolete - although I disagree to a certain extent.

I have read the same, but for example If i want to apply displacement to my landscape material I can see that there is still world position offest, but, with nanite in this version, We can’t apply displace the landscape without geo?


That is what I understood as well.

A friend of mine says Nanite does the rasterization using the Computer Shader and does not follow the normal hardware rasterization pipeline. Now I am not sure if this is correct or not, but this kind of explains why we are restricted from doing any kind of deformation, displacement, tessellation etc… on a per vertex basis on Nanite meshes.

So from all that I have seen so far we may not be able to deform Nanite meshes at runtime, so that rules out procedurally generated meshes (like roads, paths …). Displacing a landscape using a heightmap will require us to displace the vertices of the mesh during the vertex shader pass, and if Nanite triangles do not go through the vertex shader pass, then there is no way to apply any kind of runtime transformations on the vertices.

Do keep in mind that these are guesses and not authoritative. I could be completely wrong about this.

I’m going to guess that Virtual Height Field Meshes are the future for us deforming landscapes based on the material applied to them. There’s an experimental plugin for it in UE4 and 5. I haven’t tried it in UE5 but it definitely works fine in UE4 to get the effect without actually using standard displacement tricks like Parallax or Tessellation.