Ue5 jittery/choppy mouse camera input during movement (Default ThirdPersonCharacterBP)

Jittery camera input while moving in unreal engine 5. I compared it to ue4 with a constant 60 fps capped, and no issue in ue4. Here is the video showcasing the lag in ue5
[ 2022-05-29 12-56-34.mkv on Vimeo ], the mouse camera input is smooth at an idle stance. As soon as the player character starts moving, the mouse camera input behaves erratically despite the smooth 60 locked frame rate. Here is an example of smooth mouse movement while idle/moving in ue4 [ 2022-05-29 12-57-00.mkv on Vimeo ] , the mouse camera movement remains smooth at both scenarios. Any ideas on what could be causing this ?

I have also observed the same issue…

I am not too sure why the behavior changed between ue4 and ue5, but I found an acceptable workAround.

Add a USpringArmComponent on top of your UCameraComponent and activate:

  • bEnableCameraLag
  • bEnableCameraRotationLag

It greatly reduces/eliminated the jittery camera behavior.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I was wondering if someone found a solution to this as I am also experiencing it ?