UE5 IK Retargeter bug report and opitimization suggestions

UE5 removed the outdated Retarget Manager in UE4. In the new version, skeleton redirection can only be done through IK Retargeter. After the experience, I found that the current version [UE 5.0.0 Preview 2] is very difficult to use, so I wrote this post to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

  1. The skeleton comparison is not supported, and the target skeleton cannot be displayed. Even if the model is translucent and overlapped, it is fine. Now this is not intuitive at all (guess that IK Retargeter is the reference mall developed by this plug-in .Suffice to say IK Retargeter still has something to learn.)


  1. When editing skeleton poses ①It does not support importing existing pose assets (it seems that the interface is not interoperable) ②Even if you adjust it directly in the retarget manager, it does not support the details panel to see the specific values. It is recommended to add the interface and details panel of the pose asset to adjust the transformation of target skeleton.

  2. When adjusting the pose, all control rigs are displayed. A pile of rigs cannot be seen clearly when they are stacked together. Filtering by level is not supported. It is recommended to add.

  1. The target model cannot be seen directly in the top view of some models and needs to be solved (presumably related to LOD).