[UE5] How Can I Make Light Shafts Work In UE5?


I am trying to create god ray with UE5.

  • Doesn’t directional right’s Light Shaft function work in UE5?
  • Is it only one way to use Volumetric Fog function to create god ray in UE5?


Fake it like everything else.
Make a mesh, add a translucent material to it. Tweak the opacity/intensity.

At least that way it will be reliable.

If you are that lazy you can steal the godrays off the sample projects.
The light showcase temple thing is peppered with them.

Thank you for the reply!
Using mesh is for sure one of way, although it is ideal to create it with lights.

Bloom by itself only gives that effect on very particular Baked lighting scenarios.

If you can afford it. You add volumetric fog, and enable lightshafts on the directional light as well as enable the atmosphere fog sunlight setting or whatever that is.

Surely, you can search for an official Unreal tutorial on this.

Keep in mind that performance with anything but your custom mesh will be pretty horrible. Unless you only use the screenspace effect.
That one is affordable, but it’s also only on screen when the light source is on screen, so if you walk into a beam it would go away.

Ps: in ue5 they changed a bunch of light stuff, so though unlikely they could have broken some functions. Or changed the name of the checkboxes to something that makes more sense, hopefully.