UE5, hair (geo with tranparency) flickers in sequencer and low quality texture

Hello guys

I’m having a serious problem with the sequencer and geometries with transparent materials like hair and eyebrow.
please look at my pictures, one from viewport which has no problem, and the other from sequencer output.
the rendered image is low quality with lots of dots… and horrible
what can I do to do it better?
thank you very much

Rendere with problem
@UE5-02 @hair

sorry, I thought have to mention I’m using Movie Render Queue for rendering.
the first image is from the viewport and the second is the output render.

found out that it is mostly because of temporal AA samples.
I lowered it to its almost default value, and spatial AA down to the default 1.
mostly these kinds of artifacts vanished, and can’t complain :grinning:

I have same issue ,Can i ask did you find any solution for it ?