UE5 grass wind direction

Hello, I am totally new to the unreal engine.
I 've added some megascan grass, on and imported mesh, using the foliage tool and enabled the grass wind.
The problem is that the grass is animating in the z axis and it’s moving up and down like a wave. I guess this has to do with the wind direction.
How do I change the wind direction from Z to X or Y ?

I just checked some Megascans stuff, and there is no wind direction. I agree with you, by default, you only get to tweak the influence, and it does look weird.

Thing is, the main parameters are in a parameter collection. To get to that collection, go to the main material, double click the Simple_wind_material_functon, then double click on WindIntesity ( for instance ).

I found that setting ‘influence’ ( your original param ) on .5 and WindSpeed on 2 looks more real ( for the short grass ).

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Thank you for your answer, but what I am looking for is to actually solve the problem.

The problem is twofold.

  1. This old type of grass animation isn’t great

  2. It’s up to the maker, how they code the animation into the world position offset.

So the solution is to re-code the material.

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Here I have implemented a way to communicate the wind direction to foliages and bend them accordingly. They are not megascans. But still, you can modify the materials to get the effect.
Wind direction
wind direction_1