UE5 for M1 Apple Silicon


Would UE5 run native(all the features like RayTracing, Nanite, VolumeLights etc) on M1 Apple Silicon eventually around Mid 2022?

Where can I check on the related news?
Unity seems like they are officially going to support on Unity 2021 LTS.



Well, first remember that some of the features are not something that their chips are capable of, like hardware accelerated ray tracing.
The existing regular M1 chip I would say is not capable of running UE5 features, meaning that any of the new stuff you would want to use in UE5 would not run well enough on that chip to be usable.
The M1 Pro maybe could do it at with some lower settings.
So you would realistically need the M1 Max to actually take advantage of the UE5 features.
UE5 really is designed to push things forward, they had tried to implement a fully dynamic lighting system into UE4 at first but it wasn’t capable of running on the consoles (Xbox One/PS4) so they scrapped that feature. So now, the new consoles are capable of doing some of these graphical features we have been wanting so UE5 is designed to allow you to take advantage of that which does mean that some lower end hardware is going to be left out of those new features. You can still make things without them but you might as well stick with UE4 if that’s the case.

Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to using the advanced lighting benefits of UE5 (such as Volumetric Lighting, Lumen, Raytracing) for my next project.
I am going to get M1 Max. I’ve seen some benchmarks and it seems equivalent to GTX 2080 Super or GTX 3080 Mobile. And even slightly behind GTX 3080 desktop for 3d rendering speed (M1 max MacBook Pro vs RTX 3080 for 3D Artist | Cinema 4D + Redshift實測表現比併2021 - YouTube).
I wonder if that would be considered as enough to run Lumen/Raytracing generally.

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The M1 Max is definitely the best option if you want to use UE5, and it should be able to run Lumen with software ray tracing but you wouldn’t have the option of doing hardware ray tracing or use the path tracing feature. If your preference is to work on Mac that’s a lot to pay though

Thanks for the insight.
What do you mean by that’s a lot to pay though? Are you referring to Apple’s hardware price in general?

You can get a laptop with an RTX 3080 for less than a Macbook with the M1 Max, so if you’re going with a Mac then you’re paying extra just to use a Mac. If you want to go for a desktop then the savings are even greater.
Also note that with an M1 Mac you can’t install bootcamp on there, so you don’t have the option of dual-booting with Windows so that you can run software/games that aren’t available on Mac.

Yeah, that is definitely expected.
What I hope is to use the M1 Max 16 as main/remote station as it doesn’t seem to be heated fast as high-end laptops for longer work hours.
I have an RTX2080S desktop so game-wise, I should be good for a few years ahead hopefully!

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Hi, why would “hardware raytracing not be supported” on M1 Max?

GPU’s like Nvidia RTX and the latest AMD cards have processing built in specifically to accelerate ray tracing, the M1 does not. Lumen uses a form of ray tracing as part of what it does but it can get better results with a GPU with it built in.

Well, Metal can run ray tracing and Apple already tested for several years. Check their WWDC sessions.


In my opinion, there is no such thing as a laptop for game development. They are just built for different purposes. Especially Apple’s laptops.

M1 Max is close to a mobile 3070/3080 perf, the CPU is roughly on par with a 5800X, and the RAM blows any desktop RAM out of the water.

Not sure why it wouldn’t be suitable for game development, outdated opinions aside.


Me with my MacBook pro

Apple Silicon can access all memory for VRAM thanks to Unified memory. Also, both CPU and GPU are already powerful enough to use for game development. The memory itself is already fast. I dont think that would be an issue.

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I think the ball is in Epic’s court on this one. Although Apple could probably do a lot on their end to make M1 play nice with these industry standards if they wanted to.

After miserably loosing the lawsuit against Apple, do you really think the engine will actually work on Apple devices?

I doubt the epic team will even be allowed to put any time into optimizing for Apple… call it an opinion if you want.
It should still be something to consider before buying Apple to work with…

Luckily you aren’t the Epic CEO then. BTW Mac support will be needed perpetually, unless they want to drop iOS support, and lose a lot of ground to Unity.

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Because Sweeney or anyone else at epic has never factually knowing lied to us users, right?

Just like they didn’t directly say that they would never loose the suit against Apple?

The result of that lawsuit is not up to Sweeney though, he can certainly want to win it, and he can direct the necessary resources there, but the outcome is decided by the judge. Who didn’t side with any one side in particular, though Epic did end up with Fortnite out of the App Store. Apple ended up adopting a few more dev friendly practices to get the heat off them.

Whether it’s a lie… I dunno bud, I’m just relaying info straight from the horse’s mouth. It may turn out to be horseshit, or there may be a shiny ARM native version available next month.

I’ve moved on to a Windows based PC for the time being anyway, maybe with M2 I might look at the platform more, as it would coincide with me looking to move continents as well. A 3080/ 5800X/ 32GB RAM build is a pretty nice experience overall, except for the Valley of the Ancients demo (under W11). The Windows OS has some dumb quirks I could do without though, and the window management scene is a bit of a mess.

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Waiting for official news