UE5 First Person Content not available to add to blank project

I’m following along a tutorial for creating an FPS which is actually for UE4, but I wanted to follow along in UE5, I wanted to add First person C++ features, but I notice that while the template is available on startup for a new project, the Features are not available to add when adding contents to a blank project. The reason is that the instructor wants to code everything from the ground up in his tutorial, including creating the character base, the player controller, the function library etc. etc. . They have them for third person, top down, VR and puzzle, but not for First Person. Is there a fix to this/an update to UE5 that fixes this? Is there a way to set up UE5 to have those features available for adding to a project?

Replying to verify that the First Person template is missing from the Add Feature or Content.

A temporary workaround is to create a new empty UE5 project with FPS template and then migrate the content over to the original project.

Have you tried Launch drop down and click on options?