UE5 final version will be released until 2022? What’s on your wishlist?

But as far as I know Chaos made the same choices. It is using a Gauss-Seidel solver just like PhysX… The problem with accurate / exact solvers of the past is that they don’t scale. From what I understand Chaos currently doesn’t scale either… while using an inaccurate solver as well! So yes of course they “could” and they “might” and “maybe” they will eventually offer something better, but the current situation is that it’s neither faster nor more accurate than what came before (correct me if I’m wrong).

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What’s mainly on my wish list for a native iPadOS app of UE5 and for Apple and Unreal to be able to collaborate so as to bring this beautiful piece of tech to the current iPad Pro that’s running Apple’s M1 SOC. There’s a lot of power under the hood with up to 16GB RAM and the M1 outshining most Intel chips but there’s almost no game developer or film software outside of Swift Playgrounds and LumaFusion. There’s mention in the FAQ’s of UE5 supporting iOS but I believe that’s referencing exporting games to iOS and not actually having the UE5 installable. Maybe Epic will surprise us with a late holiday “one more thing” and finally bring it to iPadOS. Ah to dream the dream.

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That’s exactly, why we need “gravity in all directions”, not just up-down, without that… we can´t create spherical planets, or IA navigation to any direction, or a center point of gravity for vehicles.

I have tested almost all gravity plugins in the marketplace, non works 100%, some work in UE and then after you package the project they don’t or they fail, non works with IA, and no compatibility to most consoles.

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It is not faster at all and not accurate, but it is also a crashing machine, it has a lot of bugs, an framerate is terrible, I tried to build a house and break it, and FPS dropped from 120 to 35FPS, I duplicated the house 35 times, now the project starts at 57FPS, and If I destroy 1 house It drops to 8 - 12FPS.

I’m really hoping they can do it. It would be An amazing combination, but even UE4 I’m ok with. I just want something

At this point I don’t think they’re releasing it this year, but it’s funny for the UE5 preview to be behind 4.27 in some ways.

If they do release it now, any big bugs might clash with December holidays and all, which is never ideal.

I hope we’ll FINALLY get folders for the foliage editor. Once you have dozens of assets, it becomes a nightmare to search through.

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Great idea, and the preview icons also do not update quickly,

but I wish it also had a material randomization option, instead of adding the same tree model again and again just to vary their materials (colors and textures) we could have an option to include secondary materials and decide the percentage of randomization.

Landscape materials should also be able to hold 20+ layers too as default, right now after 8, you need a lot of material skills to make it up to 16, after that they start to fail when you package the project, and sometimes landscapes, specially on islands, they require lots of layers.

I’ve noted some features really anoying for me :

  • no DLSS in renderQueue
  • Flickering in shadows
  • Flickering in Gi
  • Flickering close to a wall or ground (or other horizontal objects almost hidden by the perspective aligned to the point of view)
  • Lumen stability when moving

maybe it could be great to have access to more controls with sliders rather than console variables commands ( Simple sliders in PostProcess or lights To have a better acces to Lumen, DFAO, distances of shadows and reflections )

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Chaos Vehicles :star_struck:

For any wheeled vehicle, and bicycle, and train, and aircraft, and hovercraft, and spaceship and …
:thinking: Wait a minute, do the sheeps fly ? … no matter, they probably like it.

:roll_eyes: ok … i joke ! … for the flying sheeps :yum:

BIG YES… I wish we had more checkboxes in UE4 and parameters instead of using so many console commands (fps, stats, disable-enable messages, shadows, lights, volumetric, samples…etc), sometimes I find it hard to latter figure out what is causing an issue, and after testing a lot I find out it was a console command applied a year ago.

:slight_smile: LOL,

just imagine if we could spawn Niagara BP IA, and I don’t mean insects and fish… everything… things like culling would be so easy, with a low fps and massive amounts of IA around the map.

Gameplay Ability System more blueprint friendly (So adding/making the attributes in blueprint instead of C++ or even a companion application that will generate the required C++ hooks easier)

I have watched several videos / presentations on GAS and still found it tricky to try and implement.

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Proper RT HW acceleration for Lumen so it’s running faster.

Non existent or much faster shader compiling

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Would be nice to have nested TArray support in BP.

I hope for Chaos runtime support is improved, like we will be able to place structures at runtime instead of only in editor, and they’ll let you move pieces kinematically instead of physically, like you can just set their transforms where you want them to be, parent them, etc. I want to make rebuilding in my game after you destroy something.

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