UE5 EA Nanite meshes in flythrough sequence slow to load when rendering movie

I’ve got a large scene with 1000s of photogrammetry tiles across a city.

In normal editor or play mode it runs well and the nanite mesh resolving is barely noticeable but when I render the sequence out using the render movie panel, the nanite meshes lag in resolving leaving visible seam lines between the photogrammetry tiles that persist for seconds in the rendered video, particularly around the edges of the view.

I’ve tried using warm ups and delays before shots but they don’t seem to work. Adding delay per frame makes the whole capture prohibitively slow.

Is there any commands that will force the renderer to wait for nanite to resolve before saving the frame? Or is there any other best practice that I’m not following here for trying to render large nanite based scene content

thanks in advance -Matt

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