UE5 Dedicated server Error: Assertion failed: Index != INDEX_NONE

UE5 Dedicated server Error: Assertion failed: Index != INDEX_NONE

[2022.04.06-16.23.20:644][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Assertion failed: Index != INDEX_NONE [File:D:\UnrealEngine-release\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Public\Animation\AttributeTypes.h] [Line: 117]
[2022.04.06-16.23.20:645][ 0]LogWindows: Error: Missing operator for attribute, type IntegerAnimationAttribute was not registered previously


same crash here

Got the same problem with a fresh third person c++ project did do nothing special only package with the default sample assets.


I am also experiencing this same issue.

I’ve cloned a copy of the release branch from UE5, compiled it successfully and have the editor running.

I’ve created a blank third person map and not made any changes. I packaged a development copy of that and it built successfully with no errors.

But then try to run the actual game = immediate crash.

The problem has been solved

I found a solution to this problem.
This is an error that occurs if you create a project third person and package it.

In this case, delete all folders and files in the editor, add and package the third person in the feature or content pack again, and it works normally.


[EDIT] determined that adding the C++ Third person content always causes the issue. A workaround is to open the BP_ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint. Click on the Mesh (CharacterMesh) component. In the details tab under animation set Anim Class to none. This removes all animation from the character and it will T-pose the whole time. However, it will allow packaging until this is resolved.

Thanks, @mmm_5880 .

This worked for me:

  1. Create new blank project.

  2. Click add feature or content pack once in the IDE.

  3. Add Third Person content.

  4. In the editor go to Edit>Project Settings>Map & Modes. Set Game Default Map to ThirdPersonMap.

  5. Package and enjoy.



Thank you for your nice opinion.

Yeap same here, brand new Third Person project, built from source code, only thing different was adding replication to the character and a firing function in C++.

I’ll try out with mmm_5880’s method later, but did anyone submit a Bug Report to Epic Games?

EDIT: Just submitted a bug report for it, linking this forum thread as well in the report.

Thanks! I confirm this solved the issue for me too. Great work!

The IntegerAnimationAttributes are located in the new mannequin animations, specifically Manny’s anims which Quinn derives from, and seems to have a problem when creating a c++ project. I was able to get it to work just by making a blueprint version of the project

me too, build c++

I followed the steps of adding in Third Person content to a blank project and it’s still giving me the same error. :confused:

If your working with c++ and getting this error, try creating a blueprint project and adding c++ to it by clicking on tools/new c++ class and create a new GameModeBase for example.

In addition, if you create a BP project and need character source code, you can create a new c++ character class and then open the already existing character blueprint and click on class settings and change the parent class to your newly created character class.

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Also encountering this issue. Look forward to a fix!

Also encountered this issue *bump

Got the same issue, any build with a character from the template in a c++ project crashes with this error when launched

Thank you

Encountered same issue. Both suggested fixes work, however will submit bug report also.