Does Rider still use Visual Studio to build and package projects?

Hello, I have a small amount of experience with VS Code and Visual Studio Community, but I recently started using Rider as my main IDE for Unreal 5 development. My plan was to go through a tutorial series with Rider to make sure I could use it before trying to do any solo development with it.

I almost immediately ran into the following “Assertion Failed” issue when trying to package a project with the ThirdPersonCharacter: UE5 Dedicated server Error: Assertion failed: Index != INDEX_NONE - #2 by B3b3L

Some of the fixes for this issue suggest updating Visual Studio, and I’ve tried those suggestions, but I’m unsure whether Rider still uses elements of VS to run and package Unreal projects. My current understanding is that I still need to have Visual Studio installed and to use it for updating things like .NET framework, which Rider then uses to work. Is that correct?

You don’t need to install the IDE to install VS Build Tools.
Look at the “Tools for Visual Studio” section of this page:

Download Visual Studio Tools - Install Free for Windows, Mac, Linux (

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Can you explain that a bit more or tell me whether the following sounds correct?

From what I can gather, Rider needs the “Build Tools for Visual Studio 2022” to be installed for it to build and package Unreal projects, but that’s it.

If I’m planning on using Rider, is there any reason why having VS installed might be useful?

I think this is a question for their (JetBrains) forums, as they will be more qualified to elaborate on your doubts about their product.

I believe you are correct, however Build Tools for Visual Studio 2022 still requires a Visual Studio license.

Yeah, what you said is the same answer another guy got here.

I am testing it now, I hope it will work cool!