UE5 - Data Layers & World Partition?

Hello! I’m trying to wrap my head around what UE5 offers level/world design, and I’m trying to figure out the extent to which Data Layers are already integrated into the World Partition system. I see a couple things that suggests that they SHOULD support some kind of dynamic activation, but I can’t figure out how to get it to work.


I’m working in a circumstance like this: World Partition is enabled, and I have a Data Layer that mostly lives in one cell, and a 2nd Data Layer that lives in another. The player starts near Data Layer 1, so I set its initial state to “Activated.”

What I would expect, based on the way the system’s been described, is for World Partition to understand when to Load or Activate these Data Layers based on the player’s sphere settings within the Partition Grid. But I don’t see anything like that happening - and don’t see any way to tell a Data Layer “hey, you live in cell X,Y”. The “Dynamically Loaded” checkbox doesn’t seem to affect things.

Am I missing something? Does this support exist?

Thanks to anyone who can help shine some light on the topic!