UE5 Custom Depth Buffer causing issues with Post Process Material

Below you can see the results. For whatever reason my post process material in UE5 has some weird results whenever it tries to render a mesh with Render CustomDepth Pass enabled. It looks correct everywhere else when its not rendering anything like that. I have no clue what or why this is happening.

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Found the issue. Its related to using Custom Stencils

Could you elaborate on this? I’m running into the same issue and my post process materials are totally broke because of it.

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I’m filling out a bug report right now that should explain everything. I’ll link it when its done.

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Alrighty so I guess I dont get to see the report right after submission. Anyhow its related to CustomStencils. Look at the image in the OP. If I use that node at all, the weirdness starts. If I remove it then its fine. Only happens on UE5 so I had to make a comment with the replacement in it that just doesnt make use of the node. This occurs with my night vision setup as well and gives very similar issues.