UE5 custom collision

I’m currently working on my own game and recently implemented an item pickup indicator, were button widgets will be shown in 3d space when the player overlaps with a sphere collision.
The problem here is that a sphere collision may work perfekt on the x and y axis, but will also scale bigger (or smaller) on the z axis, which could lead to severe problems for me in the future. A box collision has the problem, that it’s too “low poly” and will have a weird interactable feeling for the player, since it has just 4 corners.
I recently came across some resident evil village development footage which includes a scene with the perfekt solution! A custom controllable cylinder collision.
The catch is that (as fat as i know) there is no such collision trigger in UE5 (yet), which makes me wonder on how to implement that in the engine (via BP or C++).
I would be happy for any solution to this!

Example image:

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Any shape you can make in modelling mode, can be turned into a collision volume



Thank you for your answer!

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Hey i got a short question:
Is it possible to save the created collision as a kind of preset sort of way so i can place it in other blueprint actors? Right now i just can create a volume inside the level but i don’t have it in the asset browser just in the level :confused:

Shame. But you can just use a normal cylinder, in fact.

Just set




I just tested it, it works :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what i thought sadly :/.

I think i’m just gonna use a custom low poly cylinder mesh with a wireframe mat…

kinda sucks that something this simple is non existent while we got nanite and lumen etc.
Is there a way to maybe get this somehow to epic as a feature request?

But still thank you for your solution to that!

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You can make a feature request, but it’s already possible, so… :thinking:

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