ue5 create destructible mesh (apex destruction) causes crash (160.6 KB)

Also when i tried to import a .apb created in physx lab ,it would not import .

Also migrating a destructible mesh created in ue4 kinda works but when opening it ,preview depth is listed as invalid and moving the explosion slider has no effect .
I tested importing the .apb in ue4 and it worked ,i also created a destructible mesh from the same mesh and it worked .

I asked the same question weeks ago got no reply, enabling it like @Jorge_Musalem said in target.cs doesn’t enable it in UE5 even the option on the drop down to create a DM from a static mesh is missing.

Apex Destruction and PhysX have been fully depreciated in UE5. You will need to use Chaos destruction and physics moving forward.

It will be but hasn’t been in the EA of UE5 as stated here. Using Apex in UE5 Early Access

Got it working now.