UE5 crash consistantly due to GPU crash

I tried to solve it by following all the possible solutions on the internet

  1. Tried to setup windows and install UE5 - Not working
  2. Updated Nvidia studio driver - Not working
  3. Tried registry editor TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay changing the value- Not working
  4. Tried deleting afterburner - Not working
  5. Tried downgrading the Nvidia driver- Not working
  6. Tried fixed framerate and screen percentage on the editor- Not working
  7. Tried deleting Intermediate and Saved folder - Not working

Is there anything I left to try?

Is there any more thing to try? I worked on several projects a few weeks ago. But after that, it is consistently crashing.

With Default and DirectX 11 it is working fine. But I want to use Directx 12, Ray Tracing, Lumen, Nanite, GPU Lightmass all these features.

PC Specs:
i9 12900k
64 GB Ram
RTX 3090
Asus Proart 4k Monitor

Unreal_Lumen.log (218.9 KB)

@Piash you could try my solution. I had the same issue and tried everything you did.
I ended up altering some source code and haven’t had a crash since.

source files can be found here…

If you use the launcher, here is the compile .dll file…

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there was a windows update so gfx drivers need to be reinstalled
you could try the game ready drivers
when you reinstall, select clean not express

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I will give it a try. Will confirm if it works
thanks for the reply

Let me find if there is any gfx driver update
Will give the update

Hi, I checked replacing the .dll fix.
It is not crashing with lumen only
Whenever I enable ray tracing, gpu lightmass then the gpu crushes again.