UE5 crash consistantly due to GPU crash

I tried to solve it by following all the possible solutions on the internet

  1. Tried to setup windows and install UE5 - Not working
  2. Updated Nvidia studio driver - Not working
  3. Tried registry editor TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay changing the value- Not working
  4. Tried deleting afterburner - Not working
  5. Tried downgrading the Nvidia driver- Not working
  6. Tried fixed framerate and screen percentage on the editor- Not working
  7. Tried deleting Intermediate and Saved folder - Not working

Is there anything I left to try?

Is there any more thing to try? I worked on several projects a few weeks ago. But after that, it is consistently crashing.

With Default and DirectX 11 it is working fine. But I want to use Directx 12, Ray Tracing, Lumen, Nanite, GPU Lightmass all these features.

PC Specs:
i9 12900k
64 GB Ram
RTX 3090
Asus Proart 4k Monitor

Unreal_Lumen.log (218.9 KB)

@Piash you could try my solution. I had the same issue and tried everything you did.
I ended up altering some source code and haven’t had a crash since.

source files can be found here…

If you use the launcher, here is the compile .dll file…

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there was a windows update so gfx drivers need to be reinstalled
you could try the game ready drivers
when you reinstall, select clean not express

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I will give it a try. Will confirm if it works
thanks for the reply

Let me find if there is any gfx driver update
Will give the update

Hi, I checked replacing the .dll fix.
It is not crashing with lumen only
Whenever I enable ray tracing, gpu lightmass then the gpu crushes again.

Thanks, that helped, but it says it can’t run Nanite. Now my foliage is not visible in distance and Max Culling Distance doesn’t change anything. Is it possible to return Nanite back?

What version of UE are you using?
I used that fix for UE 5.0.3 and haven’t used it since 5.1 (my guess is they may have changed the base code for Dx12 since then).

I haven’t had the GPU crash issue for a while and I’m using 5.3.2 and testing 5.4 Preview 1.
I’m using a RTX 3090 and Win11.

The message window says your system doesn’t support Dx12 which is needed for Nanite.
If you’re using a Dx12 PC, I’m not sure why your getting that error

Note: I set the GPU power limit to 80% in Afterburner a while back to cut down on heat.
Not sure if this was preventing the crash. I turned Afterburner off and tested in 5.4 and wasn’t getting the crash, but it could just be I didn’t let it run long enough for the crash. It only used to happen when I was running PIE and would crash within 5 minutes or less.

Hey, I’m on 5.3.2 and also have RTX 3090 but WIn 10.
I removed this D3D12RHI.dll because it seems like it disables SM6 shader and I can’t use Nanite.

The crash seems to be fixed forever after I underclocked my 3090 in Afterburner way down to 1600Mhz. Now I can load the viewport with massive scenes with Lumen+Nanite+Hardware Raytracing and everthing is fine!

Can’t tell you how happy I am, I have this deadline project going on and couldn’t work 5 mins without this error, spent a week trying to fix it and no other solution helped (I tried them all believe me)

Cool, glad it’s working for you. That GPU crash has been a plague for many since UE5 came out.

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