UE5 Core code

From a bug I have encountered since gpulightmass was released, looks like the core code is similar.Otherwise I would imagine my (bug) from UE4 would be gone. Either that or just GPULightmass is just ported over for UE4. My (bug) is packaging a level baked using GPULIGHTMASS to Android gives the error “LIGHTING NEEDS TO BE REBUILD” and the level looks spotty like when you uncheck Denoiser. Ive been searching for a solution for over 2 years now and still have not found anything that remedies it. I was excited about UE5 since it seemed like a whole new system but just found out that even this version has the same dreaded issue! I did the same steps to activate gpulightmass and managed to get the editor to launch it to any Android platform but sadly I still get the same bug. Anyone else scratching their head over this or am I the only one? Here is a screen shot.