Ue5 compatible A and T pose

I try the compatible skeleton feature of Ue5
that can shared animation across the similar bone hierarchy
the problem is the compatible skeleton with T pose not work with this method
even if I edit new skeleton, the current pose to A pose
but the shared compatible skeleton still remember the T pose
animation shared but it out of place
Is this a bug or need other thing to work around
thank you

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Yeah, I think this is a bug, I’ve seen it on several occasions, and nobody seems to know anything about it. I’m having the same issue. The animations show up fine

But the problem is that it won’t let me select the characters animation instance so It just sticks in a T-Pose…I can force search and select it but it remains in the T-Pose. I’m not sure what’s going on but I know that if I select it in the Content Browser and press the back button it won’t load it like it normally does for compatible skeletons

Update, I was using Version Control and I’m not sure that UE5 was checking out all the files it was needing to setup Compatible skeletons. Make sure that you check out all the meshes involved and maybe even the animation system. I think that’s what fixed it for me. But I was also having issues with the other blueprints involved in the Ai BP being bugged during a migration…forcing me to re-compile 4 blueprints every time I launched the Engine…that may have had something to do with it as well but ultimately, I believe it was a version control issue.