[UE5] Cannot compile blueprint because of internal compiler error

I have a Canvas HUD widget with buttons and other things. I noticed that in order to access them in C++, I have to use the exact same widget names as in the blueprint. I have about a half dozen buttons that work fine this way.

I added one button and some sliders and now I’m getting errors like this:
Internal Compiler Error: Tried to create a property OctaveSlider in scope SKEL_BPEditorHUD_C, but another object (ObjectProperty /Script/EpochBuilder.BuilderEditorHUD:OctaveSlider) already exists there.

BuilderEditorHUD.cpp/.h is my C++ unit that the HUD user widget blueprint is derived from.

Why am I getting these errors when it works fine for other widgets?

Oh, and why can I not name any of my widgets “GenerateButton”? There is nothing called that in the blueprint, but it says the name is already in use.

I had a typo in “meta = (BindWidget)”. Wish there was a better way to detect that.

Now I only need a way to figure out why I can’t use “GenerateButton” as a widget name. (edit: Ah, fixing the typo fixed that too.)

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