[UE5] Butchers Alley - Night

Hello everyone !
I had a great opportunity to work with Dekogon team on this new sci-fi UE5 scene, being responsible of the lighting and post process.

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Greetings, @GeoffroyCalis; I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for sharing your incredible sci-fi animated scene “Butcher’s Alley: Night” with us in the forums! I can tell you and the Dekogon team went above and beyond to make this scene perfect. The quality of lighting, detail and overall production of this creation speaks for itself! It’s definitely worth the watch in 4K. :star_struck:

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Thanks a lot for your comment ! really glad you like it ! :blush:

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The assets alone looks amazing and with the lighting and post process it look simply fantastic!!! Both day and night version! Please make a 4K video so we can have a better idea of the mood :smiley: