UE5 Bounce Light and Landscape Shadow ?

Hello Guys,

First of all i am new to most of this stuff so i am probably using many wrong Terms please forgive me.:slight_smile:

These 2 problems are driving me crazy for a couple days now and i cant seem to find the right settings to tweak and fix them.

Problem 1
Based on distance my bounce light fades in and out first no bounce then it fades in and goes away again how can i control that ?

Problem 2
whenever i try to Sculpt some Landscape i get this weird Shadows how to fix this ?


Any help for these 2 Problems would be greatly appreciated.

regards james

You probably have multiple methods of shadowing happening concurrently?

  1. that’s typical of cascade.
    You can try to fine tune it a bit with the bias parameter.
    In reality - ditch cascade on far distances entirely.

Set it to a maximum of maybe 10m from camera.
Then set up distance fields and use distance field AO for the rest.

It’ll also function faster…