UE5 asks me to 'save level as' Every single I save all levels in Engine

Hoping I am doing something dumb cos I have no Idea why this happening-- help appreciated!


having same issue.

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Typically we don’t save or modfiy files inside the engine folder. Make a copy (or use ‘save as’) to your project folder (content) and give another try.

I’ve moved this over to the World Creation subforum. It’s a better location to ask this type of question. :slight_smile:

I got the same thing a couple of times. Looks like a bug. Here is a video.

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Looks like this is a bug related to Auto Save in the engine.
In order to prevent this from happening - go to Edit => Editor Preferences => search at the top bar “Auto Save” and turn off the checkbox.

It should fix it.


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Having the exact same issues as well. Is there any other option then the auto-save idea?

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I’m getting this as well.

Same, driving me nuts. And when trying to unload the level (opening another level), the editor crashes.

Same problem with UE 5.0.3

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Will give this a try, thanks!

I managed to fix it like this:

  • I had a material on an actor, and the material was under the “Engine” folder.
  • I replaced the material on the actor with a new material, which was not under the “Engine” folder.

Probably meshes and other stuff under “Engine” cause the same behavior. I think we’re dealing with a genuine bug, but at least there’s a workaround (hopefully it will work for you too).

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For me, it was just numbered autosaves. I simply deselect them (don’t save the autosaves) and move on.

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