UE5 and DAZ3d characters

Dual Quaternion is a SUPERIOR skinning method in Maya as well. To say it’s just a Daz support is not true.

The result of a dual quaternions is AMAZING compared to linear.


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Maybe Miki.V / mikivolek could make a new update for his source branch…


Sorry guys I was busy with the work. I updated the branch to the latest ue5-main. I tested it and it looks like it works OK. I will try to refactor the code in the following weeks so they meet the UE code style and also will try to work on ISPC for DQ skinning.


Any news on the dual quaternion skinning? Cant believe we have to ask for the community’s help, this should be in the engine by default!

They might be favoring Machine Learning deformer.

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Yap, ended up reading the documentation about that, unfortunately only functions with MAYA, which is pretty sad and worthless for a lot of people. For Maya users it might end up being really useful, whoever it looks like another long and tedious process, but I might be wrong.
Implementing dual quaternion wouldnt even take any time for anyone because its done automatically.

No. Shadows are not “smooth” in real, I’d you didn’t know. Why on earth anyone wanted a low-res old shadows? If you have issues with virtual shadow maps, there are ways to solve it. Virtual shadow maps are obviously better, both in performance (it cached), and in visuals (details and penumbras)

99% of professional animators use Maya, what are you talking about? Every single AAA game or CG movie is animated in Maya.

Millions of people use Blender or other programs for games and for animation, therefore its worthless for a lot of people. Not everyone has the money to keep using programs with subscription fees specially when it comes to people that are just starting alone/small team on this field.
Some gaming and movie companies are also starting to use blender as a norm so theres also that.

Not true. Professional animators use blender aswell hence its free.