UE5 and DAZ3d characters

The software does not know by itself how the corresponding body parts, limbs, muscle flexions etc. should look like during animations. No skinning method alone will help in achieving what the human eye/brain regards as realistic results. You always need morph targets or helper bones (like MetaHuman) for good joint bending deformations and muscle flexions.

Sure, I’m aware of that. My comments are in relation to skinning errors that are particular to LBS and DQS, not “perfect” skinning in general.

Seems to me like bug or model import problem check this:

It doesn’t occur in 4.26.
The problem is with UE5.
The strange thing is, that the seams have nothing to do with the skin textures or normal map, but with the character (seams are at all uv map edges in lit mode; in unlit mode it’s ok) itself, when skincache is turned on (which is absolutely necessary).

No recalculating of normals, no higher precision uv map neither changing the “(bFullPrecisionUV)” code has helped so far.

I did not have problems like this in UE5 EA, but I had shadows/lighting issues which I was not able to solve :slight_smile: So for now I’m at 4.26 - currently testing 4.27 with DQ.

Shadows/lighting issues may come from “virtual shadow maps”. If you turn that to “shadow maps” (in project settings), the shadows will be smooth again and the performance better.

Cool thanks for the tip will try it out :slight_smile:

I think it’s better to wait for the plugin version 4.3.0, there are a lot of changes compared to 4.2.0. Alpha version:

I think, I’ve found a solution. By checking the box “use unlimited bone influences” (in project settings) while disabling skin cache (for the character base mesh) the problem went away.
Clothes may still need skincache to work correctly, need to investigate it further, if the seam problem occurs with skin cached clothing too.


Daz is a complet and free tool to work with Unreal. Yes, models have a price, but looks a fair price to games. MetaHuman is new… not so good models and limited to do something ‘new’… few options to customize… (sculp mod is just terrible). Maybe next year… maybe… zero hope.

In really no one wanna really help indie people in this industry. Less to do characters…

Has anyone been able to achieve good looking eyes in daz characters
or is it simply not possible with the given eyes?
Do I need to completely replace the eye meshes with better ones, but how to do that in a standardized and clean way (in other words: from daz studio) without manual fiddling, rescaling, relocating etc.

As an opinion, as in I could be right or wrong, skin weighting solutions would be last of my list of improvements that needs to be made for physically correct characters in Unreal 5.

The bottom line due to the need to correct the volume of the skin weight it’s improbable that the correct shape of a joint could be achieved with out an assist by other means.

Top of my list would to be able to add targets, like an LOD, when they are needed and not have to anticipate the need as part of a over all collection of corrective poses as the “need” is usually done via discovery as part of the iterative process.

For the most part this is where an application like Daz Studio is misunderstood as it’s not a turn key solution that gives the perfect solution but rather a solid base from which to work from as to what can be harvested based on access to the separate elements that makes up the character.

For example

“Has anyone been able to achieve good looking eyes in daz characters”

The simple answer is yes as the eyes that are added by default is an element that can be excluded and added in Unreal as a component of the character and make use of such assents already available in Unreal.

Someone figured out how to make a working UE 4/5 control rig for DAZ Chars?

Someone has started a Genesis 8 template project that includes a control rig rig set up.

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Might be a good idea to start a Daz Studio forum.


Throws a 404 is it still up?


There are some changes in structures like Quat in last main branches, and also epic did some changes to core skin shaders. I’ll try to look at it and integrate DQ shading into ue5 main branch.


Here I did just basic testing but it looks like it’s working OK, also importing correctly checks skinning type and sets automatically linear/dq skinning.

It can be later changed in LOD sections.



I’ll test it properly during week.


Wanted to share what I have done to fix the seams in the skin texture. To start with I merged verts in Blender to remove most of the seams. Notice in the image the unselected faces, This is where I had most of my issues. After merging these together, it fixed most of the seams.

However, the texture was still off more noticeable on the right shoulder than the left. I found that this is due to the texture and the placement of the verts in the UV mapping.

Moving the verts cleared this up.

Here is the final result in UE5.

Hope this helps others.


Any plans on releasing a Dual Quaternion Source Mod for Unreal Engine 5.0, which came out on 5th of April.