Ue5 5.02 water system fluid sim not working

When I start “Fluidsim_Terrain” and start simulation the mannequin not interaction with water like in UE4 what happend?


Can somone check or only me not working?

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Check it and yes it works not in ue5 , need a fix.

I noticed the same problem. Neither working in 5.0.3 nor in 5.1.0 Preview 2.

Just created a new blank project, added Water Plugin, opened up the “Fluidsim_Terrain” Map and pressed play, no ripples at all.

Can confirm BP_Dynamic_Force_SkelMesh and BP_Fluid_Impulse_Repeating are not creating ripples on WaterBodyLake in the Fluidsim_Terrain map. Currently running UE5.1. No idea what the solution is.

This may not help much, but I have had the same issue. I have the issue with the fluid sim, but I am guessing it may be the same reason for the terrain sim. I found out that the fluid sim in 5 or 5.1 only works when it is at z-level 0. So, currently the only work around is having all water systems at z-level 0, which isn’t feasible haha. I am going to dive into where the math is being done for this and try and an offset value param for where the landscape is compared to level zero. Hopefully this helps a bit. For the terrain, im guessing that it will only work at z-level zero right now too

I faced the same problems using UE5.3.1, after a day of investigations I found a possible fix
Made a small video how to fix it, hope it will help someone