UE5.1 AA Foliage flickering, shadows flickering

Hello everyone. I am experiencing particular AA +/or shadows behavior in 5.1 scenes, both old and new from templates. The issues persist with the foliage.
The foliage, especially grass looks undesirable in motion, plus foliage shadows do have strange lighting artefacts.
In the video all foliage are Nanite, “Support Hardware raytracing” was off in default scene and was on in house scene. Some other rendering console commands applied but no significant change. I am not a developer, so I am sure I don’t know something obvious about new rendering pipeline.

I tried all r.TSR.* settings in console and results was worse or same for me.
Increasing lighting samples count don’t help with complicated shadows and AA in general. Tried TAA and TSR - both works strange with foliage. The stills of foliage with TSR looks quite good. The moment camera starts to move image don’t look good. What’s interesting is that camera rotation does not look strange. I also tried to render with 2x4 samples in AA (override turn off AA) and general shadow flickering was not resolved either. I am assuming the issue is in combination of settings, engine shadows and AA or I am missing something.

Am I missing something? I looked through the videos of others and don’t see problems like that in their cinematics or real-time viewports.
I can upload more tests if needed.

3080, Game drivers

yup, im getting this too

same problem. Any solution?

For some reason, UE 5.0 and newer default to sub 100% resolution. Most likely due to the fact that TSR is expected to upscale the image to 100% resolution, so it defaults to performance savings.

The Screen Percentage value won’t be 100 for most of the new projects. Once you set it to 100, you can then try to switch back to Temporal AA from TSR. TSR is better overall, but handles this kind of scenario arguably worse than TAA:

After these two changes, the last possibility is that the opacity maps of the grass materials could have their texture filtering/mip mapping disabled, which some people do for some reasons.

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