UE5.02 Grass Type Question/Bug help... it's weird

Sooo I’ve got a system where I procedurally spawn a ton of assets based on terrain type that basically uses Grass Types, the problem is that anything that is spawned this way is completely ignored by Lumen, and any asset that is spawned this way AND has Nanite enabled, disappears… so yeah this kinda breaks all the major reasons for using UE5 XD
I tested out a bunch of things and hand-painting via the foliage tools does work for Nanite meshes, but the assets are once again not visible in the Lumen Scene. I’m aware with the plant issues that come with these systems, but I’m mainly using them to spawn rocks for the time being. The rocks can be massive and since they are ignored by Lumen the lighting really breaks.
The only solution I’ve found is to use Hardware Raytracing mode for Lumen, but it’s quite heavy.

One more route I could go is to use some sort of a Houdini tool to populate the level based on rules with static meshes (same assets when manually placed work with all systems but yeah it takes aaaages) but I’d reaaaaally rather not do that thought I’d ask around first :slight_smile:

Sooooo what do you guys think? Ran into similar issues?