[UE5.0] Media Player Volume Attenuation not working?

The volume attenuation is not working when setting up a media player, and setting override.


I have same issue as well, anyone able to figured this out please let me know. Audio is playing but not from direction of the Video in the Game but as overall sound, like every where.

After trial and error for a few hours I got it working. I am on UE 5.1
I created a Sound Attenuation Asset with the default settings and on the Media Sound Component I set the created Attenuation Asset under Attenuation Settings. I left everything else as default, except one thing, and I think this is the key to get it working. Tick allow spatialization under Attenuation in the details of the Media Sound Component. Now rotation and distance matters. No matter if I use FileMediaSource or StreamMediaSource.

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