UE5-0 City Sample: can not render any camera, how to change the override?

Hi there, for the last 20 hours i am banging my head against this.

I would like to render out a custom movie sequence in the city sample from the matrix awakening demo.
But whenever I render anything in sequencer or movie render que, it always renders only the player default camera.

I have setup sequences, cuts and bound the camera actor to the cut and sequence (like I did hundreds of times before).

But how do I prevent that the engine is overriding this and using the player position with the scripted camera actor?

Im going insane ;D because the animation and sequences took forever and look incredible but I can not render them out.

Please do help. Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS: After deleting the player start etc. as im trying to work around the problem, it just renders this shot.

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Same here as well. Did you figure it out yet?

same here . no solution yet

Same here. …last tree days with no render…

Hi mate.

From the image you have posted, it looks like your camera is just below ground somewhere.

In the outliner, search, find and double click on the camera. This will take you to the camera. Then when you have it selected, choose the camera perspective in the top left of the screen to make sure you are not in the camera and can select and move the camera to where you want it. you can then change your perspective to see what you are looking at ready to render.

Now you need to place your camera in the sequencer - Go to the Cinematics folder and open the sequence - you will notice that you cant open seuencer in the Window menu as it is greyed out. Drag your camera from the Outliner into the sequencer and remove the camera that is there. If there is onlt one camera they might be the same one. But if you have moved it into position you should work that out.

All going well, you should be able to render with your camera from the render queue.

I tried above method but i am still not able to render the correct camera co-ordinates.
Has anyone found any solution to this issue.

Please help me out

Has anyone figured this out?

Hey everyone,

nope ;D

What I did was i deleted the elements that create the cameras and bootup scripts.
That is NOT a good solution though.

I’m not good enough yet to get where to look and how to see what is loaded and created when. (profiler somewhere)

But that enabled me to create my own cameras and use it.