UE5.0.1 low frame rate issue

Hi, my packaged game has low frame rate issue in UE5.0.1 despite the cheap shaders(a few low-poly models and all materials are unlit), while it didn’t seem to happen in UE4.27 and UE5 Early Access.

UE5 Early Access doesn’t seem to have this problem. My game project got max frame rate(locked at 30 fps) on Macbook Pro 2017, but 22 fps using UE5.0.1. Also I used UE5 EA to package on Android and tested on Firebase. It got 30 fps on Pixel 2 and 27 fps on HTC 10. Now in UE5.0.1 there is an issue of Android packaging(see https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/u2gmq8/ue5_android_crash_in_splash_screen/), so I couldn’t compare it. But the frame rate issue is obvious on Windows.

I used the approach from Very low FPS - #19 by rent_treznor, but didn’t get satisfying improvement.

I packaged the default third-person game to compare.


Dynamic Global Illumination Method: Lumen

Reflection Method: Lumen

Shadow Map Method: Virtual Shadow Maps(Beta)

Mobile Anti-Aliasing Method: FXAA

It got max 60 fps on an Intel i9 CPU Windows 11 laptop, and it is poor on Intel i5 Windows 10 laptop.


Dynamic Global Illumination Method: None

Reflection Method: None

Shadow Map Method: Shadow Maps

Mobile Anti-Aliasing Method: None

Still, the boost is quite trivial.

I would be glad if anyone can provide some solution.

Completely the default settings in UE4, runs much better on the same computer.

Basically solved it.