UE4Editor.exe missing

Hello ladies and lads.
I´ve searched the forums for similar och even the same issue but haven´t found a solution that works for me.
For some reason the UE4Editor.exe is missing even though I´ve followed the steps from “[Getting up and running][1]” to a T, installed Windows SDK 10 and followed the instructions from [this][2] forum post aswell.

Any help i could get would be greatly appreciated.

[link text][3]

I would recommend using an earlier version of Visual Studio. One that matches the release of the build you are trying to compile. You did not specify which version of UE4 you were using. The best way to tell is to generate the project file(GenerateProjectFiles) and open the generated .sln file in Notepad and look at the comment on the second line.

Then download that version from https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/older-downloads/

It is possible, BUT NOT RECOMMENDED, to use two separate solution/project files pointing to the same source files if you want the editor features added in VS 2017. The instructions and pitfalls are too numerous to allow for posting here.

I opened the UE4.sln with notepad and it says Visual studio 15 yet when i opened it with 15, it says that it´s incompatible.

Did you re-run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat then check the sln file? Also, there is a difference between years and version numbers: version 15= VS2017 and version 14 = VS2015

Yeah. It keeps saying Visual Studio 15 so It’s supposed to be 2017 as the website i linked in the OP instructed. The instructions are from the README file btw.
I did the same thing on a different computer but i get the same issues.

Im still looking for a solution, any ideas?