UE4Duino - Arduino to UE4 plugin Release!

[6th UPDATE! 4.10 Compatible! 1/25/16]

Updated to UE4 4.10! Click link below to download!


[5th UPDATE! 4.9 Compatible! 9/22/15]

Big thanks out to Providence94 for updating the plugin to 4.9!!

Click on his link below to download!


WINDOWS 10 USERS! Use the link below!

Thanks out to Gidi2go and Skittluier for updating plugin to Windows 10!!


[4th UPDATE! 4.8.2 Compatible! 7/22/15]

Just updated the download link. Plugin now compatible with engine version 4.8.2.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Just use the download link below!


Just updated the download link. Download now includes the source files for the plugin.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Just use the download link below!

[2nd UPDATE! 5/10/15]

Just updated the plugin again.

There was an issue with the string return of ‘Read Serial’ having some extra characters (null, return, newline, etc…) so that an string ‘equals’ node wouldn’t work as expected.

It is now fixed and those pesky extra characters removed. :slight_smile:

Thanks out to Tesla Dev for finding that bug and letting me know!

Just use the download link below and replace if you have already downloaded.

Just updated the plugin and added a some debugging info. Now you should see info in the Output Log as to if the Thread has started/stopped and Serial Port has opened/closed.

I also added a new Blueprint node that returns true if the Serial Port opened correctly.

Just use the download link below and replace if you have already downloaded.

Hi all,

I have been wanting to use my Arduino in conjunction with UE4 for a while now and have finally managed to figure it out.

Here are a couple of vids:



I made a plugin from it and just wanted to share with whoever might want to use it. :slight_smile:

To download, click this link:

To use the plugin just drop the “Plugins” folder from the zip into your project folder.

Be sure that the plugin is activated in 'Windows->Plugins"

I created Blueprint nodes to access the Arduino. You can find them by right clicking in a Blueprint and scrolling down to ‘UE4Duino’.

The four nodes are:

  • Open Serial
  • Close Serial
  • Read Serial
  • Write Serial

Here is an example:

*Be sure to use ‘Close Serial’ at some point in your project before or at ‘End Play’ node is fired off so that the serial port and thread are closed.

I plan on submitting an example scene soon for the Marketplace that will have some tutorials and examples…

Enjoy and please let me know if you have any issues/questions/comments…thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh this is awesome. I’ve been wanting to add some fans into a VR experience. This should be a huge aid.

Holy Nutballs !!! this is amazing, cant wait to start messing around with it, thank you so much !!

Welp, guess and myself are going to be stopping work on our Arduino integration pet projects, haha

Awesome work!

You just saved us a lot of time. Thanks a ton!

This is awesome! Gonna mess around with this for sure.

Great work thanks for this, should save me a fair bit of time.

Seem to be having a few issues here.

Just trying to run some tests with a serial read and/or write but not getting any results back.

In my serial monitor I am getting a readout (Just have the basic DigitalReadSerial example running).

There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell if the open serial is actually working or not. Perhaps a success node on it would be handy?

Ok so that was just me being silly and attempting to have 2 things accessing the same serial port at once, so now I have managed the write side of things but I don’t seem to be able to get anything back through the Read Serial. I am assuming I am just doing the wrong thing in the arduino side of things, should I be doing a Serial.write(xx) or Serial.print(xx) or something different entirely?


Very nice plugin! Seams that I need to wipe the dust from my Ardunio once again :smiley:

Thanks all!

@ZoltanJr - You need to use Serial.println() because the code looks for the ’
’ character to know when the data segment ends. I am working on a quickstart tutorial now and hopefully will have it posted

Hi . This is great! Thanks so much for sharing your work! Would it be possible to add a ‘serial event’ node?


Hello !

Plug-ins that you have developed is very great.
I was able to use a plug-in very easily.


Translated into English from Japanese

Great! I love Arduino and i’m very happy to try this plugin, thank!

Thanks . I was using that but still don’t seem to be able to get anything back with the read when I do a Serial.pintln() from an event on the arduino using :

I just have the read hooked up on the tick event to a print string so I was under the impression it should also show the write events coming from Unreal itself too?

Im using a Leonardo for this too if that makes any difference since I know it’s got a slightly different serial setup to other boards but it should all still run over serial rather than serial1 im pretty sure,


Wow, this looks great! Is there a build of the plugin for MacOS right now? Or only Win64?

Just got a flex resistor running with it. Now to build my own VR glove! Have you posted schematics for yours from the video? I’m trying to build a glove for finger position tracking and use the Leap Motion for hand location.

Just wanted to let you all know that I released an update to the plugin…please see the top post for details. :slight_smile:

Thanks ! Could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘Serial Event’?

That’s awesome! Glad you like it!

Right now it’s only for Win64 but I will see if I can port it over to MacOS this weekend. :slight_smile:

Hey ! I can get a schematic together and post it up. Leap Motion is a good idea! I was trying to use a Hydra Razer controller strapped to my forearm for position data…it was working ok but a bit on the wonky side lol…

Hey ZoltanJr! Sorry you are still having troubles. I have never used a Leonardo but I would think it would work fine with this.

I made a simple example just printing out the number two…here are the sketch and blueprint:

Also, be sure that your Serial Monitor from your Arduino window is closed before playing your UE4 scene. Hope that helps, but if not let me know!

Awesome, thank you!

Now where did that bloody thing go?! The minute something cool happens to my arduino, I can’t find it!