UE4 with Visual Assist X


Visual Assist is having trouble determining the “auto” type in the range based for loop when iterating a “TArray”.

We were recently made aware of the issue (internal case 108835).

Until the issue is fixed, it’s best to go ahead and set “Source of C/C++ content” back to “Default Intellisense”.

Hello, i have a little problem with asx.
I am newbie at ue4 ^^
if i choose in “Source of c/c++ content” → with visual assist
(maybe i use bad setting for visual assist =\ i don’t know.
i download it and use this [Guide][1], I would be glad if someone more experienced Dropped its settings file for vsx ^^)
When i try to find → “FindComponentByClass” i don’t see them.

but if i choose default → i see and I see even more =\