UE4 - Winter scene WIP

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I’m working winter scene :slight_smile:

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Looks great :slight_smile: I like the layered feel of the environment with the vegetation/sun in the upper layer and the blue lower layer. Might want to work on the actual blue lights in the lower area though, it currently feels a little too saturated and it looks more like individual point lights around the area instead of a more even blue. Not saying there shouldn’t be some parts brighter or highlighted more, just think it feels a little off at its current iteration. Rocks look pretty fantastic!

Looks very good.

I’d change the snow cover on the cliff though, right now it looks like the snow cover is random and sometimes even under the rocks.

I have to agree with the slight criticisms so far and would add there’s no snow on the pine trees (not a big deal.) -But overall, off to a great start.

I have to disagree with this, theres not enough snow for the trees to also have snow on them, Snow forms on trees when theres a ton of snow falling from the sky in this case it looks as if the temperature is rising and the snow is beginning to melt, but if your intentions were to have a lot of snow and low temps then yes i would add mor snow on the ground and the trees and have snow clumps and rocks

It looks beautiful but what I really enjoy is the architecture of the environment. Even if your visuals weren’t great, you have a good sense of design here. I want to run around in this area you’ve made haha

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At first, a lot of snow covered pine trees.~

But’ve covered a lot of snow on the pine, the feeling of being listened assets and overlapping colors T.T

So I’m setting the scene to made after the snow, the snow had melted in the tree :slight_smile:

But this seems too small(or low coverd) snow tree group, as you look. :slight_smile:

Next update, I’ll cover more snow on the pine tree :slight_smile:

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I would like a little more effort to create a scene you like :slight_smile:

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Here’s a really good reference for the cave transition.


Good point.

Looking good. Something about the snow on the rocks feels off to me though, but other than that nice job.

Nice i like the fantasy mood !

I really like the foliage you have surrounding your rocks. It helps complete the scene! Keep up the strong work, it looks great!

You Sir are amazing! That landscape looks and feels pretty real to me!

Looks really, really impressive. I loved the blue lighting below the rocks.

Is this going to just be a scene or result in a game? :smiley:

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