UE4 Wiki editing disabled beginning May 3rd

Small Bump on this to request update on the “new wiki” status ! :slight_smile:

i guess that was in case they did the import/reformating manually between the old and the new, but they could have freeze editing once they choosed what to do

Even if they have to transform it manually, it could not take more than a few days, up-to-date wiki content is not so huge. I believe they had some idea, they got to the point to break the current wiki, but never got to the point of doing whatever they planned to do, but they are also lazy to at least make it work the way it’s been.

I guess it’s somewhat similar to how they handle feature requests, more-than-2-line PRs, roadmap, forum, marketplace, answerhub and launcher requests, and everything else proposed by the community: they ignore it like the problem doesn’t exist, as it does not affect Fortnite or Epic Store. A few times each year we get fair replies from the community managers of course, but sadly those are mostly just promises without any resolution to any of the problems which persist for like 5 years now. Wiki is just one little drop in the ocean of problems overseen and ignored. Not surprisingly, it does follow the pattern as expected.

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Any update on this? We’re halfway through Q1 2019. @Kalvothe

No update yet. As soon as we have an update, we’ll be sure to share it with you!

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One month to go until this thread reaches its one year anniversary! I’d say that I can only imagine this taking do long if you were coding the whole thing in assembly but even then I think it would be done by now…

Actually it’d be great to know if it was turned down completely, or if there is actually some work being done. If there isn’t, we could also think about the possibility of a community-driven project. For example, I’ve been a web engineer for years before, and I don’t see any issue in pulling it off, I’d gladly put it together (of course it’d need some discussion about what are the actual needs of today’s UE4 coders, as I wouldn’t wanna work on something, which is useless).

…more than a year now. Should we just do our own thing? Sadly, it seems like epic’s focus is elsewhere…
Personally, I liked the form of community-driven documentation and tutorials in a centralized place as a wiki, it’s pretty sad they took that away from us.
Nowadays, you have to scavenge through personal blog entries, unstructured answerhub stuff and whatever bits you can find in the actual documentation to find relevant and up-to-date info. I came across so many wiki entries I wanted to improve and update but couldn’t… It feels like a community-driven effort would also take some pressure from their documentation team which is apparently spread so thin if it can’t even do this within a year…

I don’t know if it helps your soul in any way, but in the new learning portal thread:

Although we all know that “near future” usually means “in the upcoming years” or “never” in Epic’s dictionary, but it’s the most recent info we have I believe.

Do you have an example at hand of this having happened?

Of course! Wiki. Marketplace revamping. Roadmap. “We’ll review this Pull Request as soon as possible”. In almost each segment of the UE community we see this pattern: a promise that it’ll be taken care of, and then it’s not.

Certainly I’m not saying that it applies to everything. Some things are really done great. I just wanted to highlight that it’s not a unique case.

^^ This ^^ and wondering if we’ll ever get a ‘real’ reply to topics such as this etc…

fwiw, in the years before UDK, UnrealWiki was a fantastic learning resource for every moddable Unreal game, and the engine as a whole. Unfortunately, they did a major reorganization at some point after UDK came out, and it made it much more difficult to deal with. I occasionally find myself wanting to refer to things that were on there, and it’s just about impossible to find anything.

SO, yeah, when changing things around, you don’t want to make them worse. But, for sure, a communtiy wiki can work well.

does this update improve the performance

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Does anybody know of an Alternative Wiki Site for Unreal? It was disabled May 2018, its been over a year… thats a long time for information to go stagnant and be totally incorrect. I had various issues with the Linux documentation and it took me 5 times as long to get up and running because of it. I was going to update the wiki with new instructions on how to get up and running.

I was thinking it might be time for the community to launch its own Fan based wiki… a few months or even half a year is one thing, but this seems kinda crazy to have the instruction people are trying to use be outdated and full of errors. At the very least I will likely be starting a Blog or wiki for the Linux side of things, although I am sure less people will find it because people expect to find correct and relevant information on the main wiki that Unreal is maintaining (or in this case not maintaining.)

They hired some documentation people, I’m sure this is on their todo list to coordinate…


So, is that why they completely nuked the wiki with no way to get at the data except for and google cache? So they could bring in some documentation writers? :slight_smile:

Ack! I knew I should have deleted that post. :wink: