UE4 Wiki editing disabled beginning May 3rd

Hey everyone,

In an effort to provide a better platform for our community to share their knowledge with one another, we are going to begin migrating our Unreal Engine Wiki to a new system. Beginning on May 3rd, we will be disabling editing on all existing wiki entries as well as turning off new entries. The current wiki entries will remain available for your reference and we will migrate over certain entries to our new wiki once it goes live.


I hope this involves doing something about the spam problem!

sounds great to me

any news after 1.5 months? )
when editing will be allowed?

Yes, I too would like to update the Wiki pages. Any update on when we can edit pages again?

I have some useful Wiki updates I’d like to make. Any news on this?

Hey all,
We’re actually in the process of migrating to an updated Wiki. No ETA at the moment, but will keep you updated.

What pages are you looking to make edits to?

I am interested in updating the Blender Static Mesh page in the first instance and then probably the BLender Character mesh page. I have most of my Wiki edits on these and related Blender pages.

I was going to make some small updates to the runtime logging page, but it’s nothing urgent. Thanks for the reply though, much appreciated.

I need to be able to edit

And I sure hope it gets migrated to the new server.

As soon as the wiki goes live, editing will be reenabled!

Any update on ETA for this?

Any update on ETA for this?

Lol, 3 months later…

Are you even working on this at all?

It would be kind of cool to get some sort of update on this really. Seems weird just to remove this functionality for over 3 months and not give any type of update.
Why did editing even have to be disabled for this long to facilitate the migration ?

It’s 5 months now…

Hey all,

This is not an update, but it is me chiming in to say I hear you, and let me follow up with the teams on this, and get back to you.


Came here to see when this is finally going to be turned back on. Then I saw how long it’s been turned off.

Is there any update at all? I know the release of Unreal Academy is probably impacting the Wiki but it is important to know if the Wiki content will remain or not.

I am now worried that the Wiki will disappear at some point. So I am now backing up my contributions to my own website so they won’t be lost.