UE4 - Why Oculus Quest 2 requires android and the VR project? I want it for PC and a TP project.

Hi, I don’t understand, why all Oculus Quest 2 tutorials, explain how to enable android and download android kits… well, I don’t want to develope a game for android, I want to do it for Win PC, AND I want to enable VR for Oculus Quest 2 in a third person game, which will switch to VR, depending if the player wants to use their keyboard (asuming they dont have an Oculus) or the game to auto detect if it does have an Oculus…but… again, all tutorials make me use the VR project, and I want to enable VR in a third person game, not sure if the game will auto become VR as soon as the player uses their Oculus, or if there is a node to change.

BTW, I do not use Nvidia, I have an AMD graphic card, and most tutorials have Nvidia infinite steps to make it work with UE4 LOL, so I’m very confused.

Please help

Those tutorials are for games that run natively on the Quest itself. If you want to make a PC game, try looking for tutorials for the Rift S or ones for generic PC VR development.

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This is what I’m doing as well. I would like to develop a PCVR title that targets the Quest 2 for it’s wireless PCVR streaming capabilities. So I have found that all the Quest 2 specific development videos are for native apps and not for using the Quest 2 for streaming PCVR wireless which is where the Quest 2 strength is actually. So many are missing the best aspect of the Quest 2 HMD and overlooking wireless PCVR capabilities and dev support is seriously lacking for this bleeding edge tech.