UE4 Water System

I have been going back and forth between cry engine and UE4 I love ue4 but the game I am creating depends on ocean a lot

my question is(not asking no one to show me just curious to know from the bets) how hard would it be to make an ocean in UE4 like the one that comes at engine start from cry?

There are already a few people that worked and created ocean systems. It wouldn’t be that hard if u know math, trigonometry and algebra. After that it’s just applying them in a material. Ofc knowledge of the engine is a must as to what nodes do.

I am good at math as my computer science degree made sure of it…the engine I am not good enough at to figure out I think. So it would be pretty complicated? Do you know where I can see some of the Ocean Systems there working on or none is viewable?

Search the forums. They should be named “ocean” something as far as I remember.

yeah I dont see how is going to be possible at all

Have a look here as well, a lot of good info:


The math all comes from the GPU Gems article, and the Tessendorf paper, which use the Gerstner formula to drive the waves, see the following:

GPU Gems Article: http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch01.html

Tessendorf Paper: http://graphics.ucsd.edu/courses/rendering/2005/jdewall/tessendorf.pdf

is a fairly advanced solution, but at point it is the only way to get really realistic ocean/water simulation working. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: